What Is a New Urban Style Hotel?

Guest and Staff are Proud Equals

The new urban style hotel is Japan's first global standard model hotel
and is a one of a kind, original concept by Apa Hotels.
With a refined level of quality, high level of functionality, and the environment in mind
our hotels seek to offer safety, peace of mind, and a good night's sleep for all guests.
Guests will be proud of their stay and will want to stay with us again and again.
Our staff is also proud of the comfort and hospitality which they provide for our guests.
Our guests and staff are equals and we perform no unnecessary services,
while necessary services are performed precisely and with respect for privacy.
These principles are all embodied in Apa Hotel?the "New Urban Style Hotel."

High Quality

We Don't Sell Spaces. We Respect Privacy and Sell Satisfaction.

Guest rooms include 50 inch LCD televisions
and 140cm+ wide "Cloud Fit" beds which we developed and implemented ourselves.
The inclusion of quality amenities and a ceiling light
makes for a bright and inviting guest room.
These features are the product of our thorough pursuit of guest satisfaction
which respects privacy and seeks to provide top level satisfaction in our limited number of rooms.

High Functionality

We Do Not Waste Our Guests' Time. Our Motto is "Time is Life."

Our hotels are located just two minutes and 30 seconds on foot (Tokyo metropolitan area average) from the nearest station
and waiting time is greatly reduced through the implementation of automated check-in machines.
So that our guests may make the most of their limited time with us,
we have concentrated the room's switches and electrical outlets by the bedside.
Furthermore, with the implementation of a free check-out system,
our guests can quickly make their departures.

Environment Friendly

Guest Rooms Are Not Needlessly Cramped. We Make Them Smaller on Purpose to Reduce Carbon Emissions.

Through downscaling our guest rooms, developing our original oval bathtubs and implementing volume-regulating faucets,
we were able to reduce the carbon emissions of each room by one-third as compared to the typical urban hotel.
We aim to make hotels that are environment friendly from their architectural design to the finest details of the facilities within.

Pride of Japan

One Day, The World Will Be Full of New Urban Style Hotels.

When it comes to craftsmanship, items "Made in Japan" are known around the world for being safe and reliable.
The new urban style hotel seeks to become the "Made in Japan" of the hotel industry
and to once again create a Japanese standard known throughout the world.
When Apa Hotel, familiar to all Japanese people, becomes highly valued around the world,
it will become a true "Pride of Japan."

380 Locations
58,621 Rooms

(As of September 4th, 2018.)

47 Regions
The U.S., Canada


48 Awards
For Great Hotels

Domestic Hotel Reservations

We currently have over 300 top quality hotels in all 47 prefectures
which are all conveniently located in prime locations close to train stations.
We look forward to continuing to support your endless possibilities all across Japan.


International Hotel Reservations

As of September 2016, APA Hotel has launched 40 locations in the U.S. and Canada.