No.190 APA Hotel Mito-Eki Kita

8 minute walk from Joban Line “MitoStation ” Exit North

  • 1-3-18, Minamimachi, Mito-shi, Ibaraki, 310-0021
  • TEL:029-225-8811 Check IN/OUT:3:00 p.m./10:00 a.m.
  • Guest Room:77 rooms


・APA Original Mattress Cloud fit (APA Original Mattress Cloud fit is available in every room, providing guests with good night's sleep.)
・APA Original Pillow Air Relax(APA Original Pillow Air Relax is made of polyester that effectively disperses the weight of your head to achieve the perfect firmness and a perfect fit.
・Under-bed Storage (We adopt tall bed frames, where guests can store their baggage underneath.)
・Power Outlets on Bedside (Extra power outlets on your bedside enables phone charge without getting out of your bed.)
・APA Digital Information (APA Digital Information indicates every information of the hotel on the TV screen .)
・BBC World News (BBC World News is available for free in every room.)
・NHK WORLD-JAPAN (Latest news of Japan are available at all hours through NHK WORLD-JAPAN.)
・Video-on-Demand Service (Offers a wide variety of movies, TV shows and animes, up to more than 200 titles for free (monthly change).)
・Automatic Door Lock (Every door of the rooms are automatically locked for security reasons. Please do not forget to take your room card key with you.)
・Thermal Black Out Curtains (Thermal and black out function balances room temperature and keeps out the light in bright sunny mornings.)
・Free Wi-Fi Connection (Both ID and password are stated on the TV screen in every room.)
・Wired LAN Connection Service (Security-ensured wired LAN connection service are available in every room (wired LAN cables are for free at the front desk).)
・Electric Kettle (An electric kettle is provided for you to enjoy hot beverages. For drinking water, please feel free to use the tap water.)
・Refrigerator (Considering the environment, the power is turned off. Please turn on and adjust the thermostat dial to the right temperature before use.)
・In-room Telephone (If you need any help during your stay, please press number ○○, and we are always here for you.)
・APA Original Eco-friendly Full Bathroom (Saves about 20% more water comparing to a typical bathtub, while providing guests with a relaxing bath time.)
・APA Original ECO LINE Stickers (Shows the appropriate amount of hot water to be used in accordance with the bathtub's volume without wasting water.)
・Electric Bidet Seat (We adopt electric bidet toilet in every room. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the life-changing experience.)
・Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Soap(All silicone-free products, both environmentally and body friendly.)
・Face & Hand Soap(Plant based creamy foaming soap for both face and hands. Please enjoy it's soothing and elegant scent of natural herbs.)
・Yukata (Yukata (Japanese bathrobes) are available inside the drawer of your room. Please enjoy the Yukata experience at APA.)
・APA Original Face and Body Towels (Luxury towels in two different colors are placed in the bathroom for guests staying with more than two people.)
・High-quality Toiletries (Toiletries are all good in quality, and also environmentally friendly. Please feel free to take them home with you.)
・Ultra Fine Toothbrush Set (Eco-friendly (made from biomass) toothbrush set: Removes dental plaque and odors in the mouth effectively.)
・Twin Blade Razor (Eco-friendly (made from biomass) twin blade razor help facilitate safe and effective hair removal for a variety of healthcare applications.)
・Wash Cloth (Lathers up quickly with only a little shower gel, easy to reach hard-to-reach areas.)
・Hairbrush (Eco-friendly hairbrush made from biomass, with both side brush and hair comb.)
・Hair Elastic (Placed inside the amenity box.)
・Shower Caps (Considering the environment, we adopt shower caps made from biomass.)
・Toothpaste (For guests staying for more than two nights, and for those who wish no-cleaning, we provide you with only a toothpaste considering the environment.)
・Toilet Papers (For comfortable use, double ply toilet papers are set in the bathroom.)
・Tissues (Tissues are placed on both headboard and inside the drawer.)
・APA Original Hair Dryer (Has rich features including large air flow, quick drying, and negative ions, and dries your hair with care.)
・Coat Hangers (Both with and without pinches are available.)
・Spring Water (Spring water from Mount Fuji are served on the day of your arrival as a welcome drink (available for purchase at the front desk).)
・APA Original Pens and Memo Pads (Please feel free to use them depending on your purpose.)
・Shoehorn and Slippers(Shoehorn and two types of slippers (faux-leather and disposal) are placed beneath the full-length mirror.)
・Anti-bacterial Spray (Anti-bacterial spray are set in all rooms for all guests. Keeps away viruses and germs in places you are concerned about.)
・Green Tea (Please enjoy hot Japanese green tea, provided in every room.)
・Separated Trash Box (Considering the environment, trash box are separated into two (for both Recycle and Waste).)
・Baggage Rack (Fold-up baggage rack is placed in your room.)
・Delivery Service (Mailing slips are inside the drawer (for both prepaid and cash-on-delivery). You can also purchase some packing materials at the front desk when needed.)
・Ash Tray (For fire prevention, please be sure to extinguish cigarette butts before disposal (in smoking rooms ONLY). )
・TV Remote Controller Covers (TV remote controller is covered with a single-use plastic bag for hygiene purposes.)
・Flash Light (For emergency, all the rooms are equipped with a flash light .)
・APA Original Smoke Guard (Evacuation Equipment) (In case of emergency, Smoke Guard will help your visibility and breathing for a safe evacuation.)
・APA Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service (Considering the environment, bed linens will be changed once every three days (if you wish to have a daily cleaning, please let the hotel staff know in advance). For further information, please refer to the information inside of the door.)
・Origami Crane (We prepare origami cranes one by one, as a symbol of Japanese Omotenashi toward all guests.)
  • Single Room
  • Twin Room


Parking lot
・500yen per night(tax included)
・First come, first served basis(reservations not accepted)
・18parking spaces
・If the parking lot is full, we will assist you by providing information on nearby


Breakfast buffet

Bistro Endou

Breakfast buffet
・Opening hours:6:30a.m.~9:30a.m
・Price600yen (ADVANCED/tax included) 800yen (DOORS/tax included)
・Note:Please refrain from wearing nightwear and slippers in restaurant.




For check out, please insert your room card key, and check out will be done automatically (guests with no extra charge ONLY).


  • Early check-in
  • Late check-out
  • Extend check-out
  • Free check-out
  • Non smoking floor
  • Co-sleeping free (up to 1 preschool child per 1 bed)
  • Wi-Fi(Lobby)
  • AED
  • Aroma diffuser(Lobby)
  • Wi-Fi (All Rooms available)
  • Free wired LAN connection
  • CD TV (large size)
Notice: For details of each facility / service, please contact the hotel staff.


Walking distance from Mito Station

8 minute walk from Joban Line “MitoStation ” Exit North