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No. APA Hotel Kurashiki Ekimae

  Okayama Airport Bus bound for Kurashiki Station 1 minute walk from Kurashiki Station South Exit
Train Access
1 minute walk from Kurashiki Station on JR Sanyo-Honsen.

Kyoto Gin Yuba Kurashiki(9F)

Restaurant Detail

Style Menu: Japanese and Western style buffet Western dishes: Butter rolls, Salad, boiled sausage, Yogurt, fruit cocktail. Japanese dishes: Rice, miso soup, grilled fish (salmon, Mamakari), omelet, meatball teriyaki, Vinegared dish, voiles meat and vegetables, pickles, tofu (hot and cold), natto, seafeed. American coffee, orange juice, milk,Grapefruit juice, green tea. etc.
Business hours Business hours: 7:00 - 9:30
Price Price: 1,500 yen (Reservation) / 1,700 yen (Walk-in)